Orangeville Town Board 

​Board meetings are held at the Town Hall on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  Check back for notices of special meetings.

 Agenda 01-13-2022 agenda.pdf          Agenda 11-03-2022 agenda.pdf       Agenda 09-14-2023.pdf

 Agenda 02-10-2022 agenda.pdf          Agenda 12-08-2022 agenda.pdf       Agenda 10-12-2023.pdf

​ Agenda 03-10-2022 agenda.pdf          Agenda 01-13-2022 agenda.pdf        Agenda 11-9-2023.pdf

 Agenda 04-14-2022 agenda.pdf          Agenda 02-09-2023.pdf

 Agenda 05-12-2022 agenda.pdf          Agenda 03-09-2023.pdf

 Agenda 06-09-2022 agenda.pdf          Agenda 04-13-2023.pdf

 Agenda 07-14-2022 agenda.pdf          Agenda 05-11-2023.pdf

 Agenda 08-11-2022 agenda.pdf          Agenda 06-08-2023.pdf 

 Agenda 09-08-2022 agenda.pdf          Agneda 07-13-2023.pdf

 Agenda 10-13-2022 agenda.pdf          Agneda 08-10-2023.pdf

Meeting Minutes

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  • 2021 Final Budget

Final Budget 2021.pdf

  •  2022 Final Budget

          Budget 2022 Town of Orangeville.pdf

  • ​ 2023 Final Budget

              Budget 2023.pdf

  •  2024 Final Budget

​           Budget 2024.pdf

Minutes are not posted until approved by the Town Board.

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