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Lat 42.75168  Long 78.2456009

Town of Orangeville

Wyoming County, New York

​​​Orangeville Town Justice Court

Justice Dorothy Scime

Justice Alfonso Ficarella

Court is held each Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

Phone:  585-786-2883    Fax: 585-371-3949


Laura Kirsch, Court Clerk

Laury Lakas, Court Clerk

Office Hours:  Please note the Court Office does not have set office hours.  To reach the Court Clerk, please call 585-786-2883 and leave a message.  Small claim applications or Eviction Proceedings may be filed any Wednesday that court is in session.

Court is held each Wednesday at 6:30. If you are scheduled to meet with the Town Prosecutor or Assistant District Attorney, you will need to refer to your Court Notice for the time as it may differ from the usual Court time.  The Court accepts cash, money orders, and certified checks. Checks and Money Orders should be made payable to Orangeville Town Court. Credit and Debit cards may be used to pay your fine online at A convenience fee applies to online payments. All payments must be in US Funds. ​


If you received a non-misdemeanor traffic ticket, you may enter your plea in writing by completing the appropriate portion of your original ticket and mailing to the court address. If you enter a plea of Not Guilty, you will be rescheduled to meet with the Town Prosecutor and will not need to appear on your original court date unless the notice you receive is for the same date. If you enter a plea of Guilty, the Judge will assess your fine and surcharge. You will receive a fine notice in the mail.

Be sure to inform the Court Clerk if you have a mailing address different from the one listed on your ticket.